Schools Project

The schools project went amazingly well! All the volunteers enjoyed themselves and we had some great feedback from the schools. We are just in the process of typing up the stories and making them into our book ‘Namaste: Our Indian Adventure’, which we will be presenting to the schools at our story sharing event in week 10.


First Schools Events Tomorrow!!

The first katha schools events are happening tomorrow in Leck Church of England Primary and Hornby Primary schools. All craft supplies have been bought and lessons have been planned. Good luck to Catherine Bennett, Kate Jervis, Emily Robertson, James Clewes, Lucy Rigby and Louise Turner will your lessons tomorrow.

News of how the events went will be up on here asap.

Schools Project: Lessons are planned

We had a meeting yesterday to plan our lessons at schools in the Lancashire area over the coming weeks. We are going to teach the children introductions in Hindi, read some of the fantastic Katha children’s books with them, get them to write their own stories about an imagined, magical trip to India and illustrate it, and then to finish off we are going to everyone doing a bit of Indian dancing!

We couldn’t be more excited! This week I get to order all the sequins and feathers for the illustrations and we have to practice our rather rusty Indian dance moves. I hope the children enjoy the sessions half as much as I have enjoyed planning them.

With the lessons all planned now we can look to organising the celebration event for all the schools in Week 9 of this term. I’m thinking lots of indian food, dressing up, decorations, some bollywood music, the works.

Schools Project

The schools project is really coming together now. We are going into schools around the Lancaster area in Leck, Hornby, Wray with Bottom and Arkholme. The Katha books are on the way and we can get around to the fun part of planning the lessons, full of dance, drama and art!

These are the books we have ordered:



The illustrations are absolutely stunning, I can’t wait until they arrive. Katha publish in English and Hindi – I’m thinking of ordering a Hindi children’s book to help me with my language learning. All the Katha books are for sale here. They publish children and adult, fiction and non-fiction. I have the Manto book Black Margins that I read out in India and would highly recommend.